Luxury “Living Spaces”

You can feel the painstaking care, thought, and discipline that has been poured into it. The most pleasing environments are a reflection of nature’s balance and symmetry—a harmony designed to revive, soothe, and embolden your soul.

Crafting a space that’s rich and inviting promotes comfort, creative discovery, and conversation. Every design we create distills a sense of ease and lagos—meaning “just enough.” Our sensible aesthetic balances both necessity and indulgence as we combine simple ingredients in imaginative, unexpected ways. Tribus’ quintessential designs will delight and test you in equal measure. This effortless style yields purpose, intrigue, and excitement throughout each space.


Elevated. Curated. Quintessential.

Every Tribus home embodies our three-fold design philosophy: A focus on surface, space, and sentiment. Woven together with an understated flair and having a penchant for grand living, these intertwine to showcase function, beauty, and a respect for exquisite materials. We’ve transcended specific styles and trends to create spaces that unfold and evolve over time, just like the people who live there.

Our designs pay homage to Danish minimalism with a focus on clean lines, classical elements, and livable luxury which give way to warm and lively interiors. They evoke a dual sense of heritage and modernity to capture the spirit of your space while reflecting quality and aesthetic sensibility. Our ability to blend authentic heritage with bold contemporary looks without conflict is our hallmark.

We’ve traveled the world, scoured showrooms and boutique shops, and established relationships with craftsmen and artisans to ensure each space exudes an aesthetic that is unique, elevated, and approachable.

Words are never enough for these spaces, so often evoked that even a first glance entails almost constant intrigue.


Personalized. Luxury.


For most, luxury is not only personal, but dimensional. Selecting fixtures, finishes, and fabrics is not simply a linear process, but a multi-faceted floor-to-ceiling approach. Each project is rooted in approachable luxury, and tailored to define and express your own aesthetic. Creating your perfect place requires a deeper understanding of the way you live and dwell in your home, which is why a collaborative partnership is key to our tailored approach.



A Tailored Approach

From inspiration to installation, we’ve reimagined and streamlined the process, providing high-impact design that works with your life and home. All of the details are creatively, carefully, and functionally examined and managed to ensure a beautifully finished interior.

It begins with discovery and time spent with our team getting to know you—what you desire out of your home or business. Then we get to work designing and defining the perfect place for you. Let’s get started.